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Rules & Regulation

  1. Trainees should reach institute in time. Trainees who are late will be admitted to the class only by the permission of the principal, Habitual late comer’s may be fined or may be asked to leave the institute.
  2. Diary should be brought daily, failing in this will cause them a fine of Rs. 10/day Rs.50 will be levied for the loss of Diary or defacing the Diary.
  3. Trainees who absent themselves without leave application will have to produce the reason for being absent, before being admitted to the class room/workshop by the permission of the Principal.
  4. All cycles must be locked and kept in the stand. Institute will not be responsible for loss of cycles. ( if kept anywhere else)
  5. Trainees are expected to take care of Institute’s property. Any damage done willfully or accidentally has to be made good either collectively or individually as the case may be.
  6. Every trainee should take care of his belongings.
  7. Trainees should abstain from the such act, which is likely to damage the reputation of the Institute.
  8. Regularity, Honesty, Obedience, Courtesy in speech, Good Conduct, Respect for Institute authorities by the trainees shall be hallmark of the trainees/the course/the Training.
  9. Unapproved Books, Magazine or any other objects likely to cause disturbance in the smooth running to the Institute should not be brought in the Institute.
  10. Trainees are forbidden to bring any harmful thing in the institute.
  11. Trainees must carry their I.Card without I.Card they will not be permitted to enter the Institution.


The minimum compulsory attendance for trainees in regard to their eligibility for the final trade test is 80% of the actual number of working days.


However Punishment as corrective measures is meted out under the following circumstances.

  1. Damage to Institute’s property such as Furniture, Filling Tools and equipments etc.
  2. Theft
  3. Misconduct ( Misbehaviour )
  4. Absence without leave application.
  5. Failure in payment of fee on fixed date.
  6. In case of indiscipline and unruly behavior.


The Institute administration reserves the right to remove trainees in case of –

  1. Act of gross indiscipline
  2. In case of highly contagious disease.


Parents & Trainees are advised to record their grievances and suggestions in complaint Box available in the office. They are free to meet the Administration/Director/Principal to discuss any problem/topic.